Nigel Blampied

Researcher in public highway project production


I conduct research on the management of projects that build public roads. The construction of roads is an essential government function because every person, even the poorest, needs to get from one place to another.

Some roads are privately-owned, such as toll roads and roads in gated areas. They, by their very nature, exclude some users and they are relatively rare. Most roads are open to the public without charge. The need for toll-free public roads has been recognized throughout history – early human governments guaranteed the “prescriptive right” for people to walk, ride, or drive livestock from one place to another along pathways that often traversed private land.

My research combines project management with political science. I study how project management works in a government environment. If you need research or advice on public-sector project management, I am your guy!

Specialties: Project Management, Lean Project Delivery, Project Cost Estimating, Project Portfolio Management, California Government, Highway Engineering, Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financial Management, Continuous Process Improvement, Instruction in Project Management and Highway Engineering.